Residential Painters

Residential Painters Melbourne

Residential painting is all about refreshing the aesthetic look of your home. This includes everything from giving your kitchen a brand new color, to refreshing chipped paint in your basement, painting and coating the exterior of your home as well as roof painting.

As residential painters in Melbourne, we know that house painting is an integral part of enhancing our clients’ enjoyment of their home. Every job we do is expedited with precision, skill and special care to ensure that furniture, carpeting, and personal belongings are not damaged or rendered unusable by the job. Read on to find out more about our affordable and competitively priced house painting services for the Melbourne area and get a house painting quote today!

What We Offer

Interior House Painting

Our most popular service as house painters in Melbourne is our interior painting services. The interior of your home can be given a fresh and affordable look with a new coat of paint. We also offer color consultation for homeowners who are not sure about what types of interior colors will work best in their space. Our interior painting services include:

  • Project preparation. We will cover and tape furniture and other items prior to beginning the painting job to protect your belongings. We also clean and prepare the walls of your home before every project to ensure the best and most long lasting application.
  • Whole room painting. We can paint an entire room, large or small, to your own specifications.
  • Partial room painting. We can also provide partial jobs, such as accent walls.

Exterior House Painting

Another popular service we provide as painters in Melbourne is our exterior painting services for residential homes. The exterior of your home is the face it shows the world – and it’s also the barrier between your home’s interior and the weather outside, which can cause all sorts of paint damage over time. Our exterior painting services are designed to help your home look its best on the outside for years to come.

  • Full painting. We can paint the exterior of your home in a new color or refresh an old color, while also applying special coatings and finishes to keep dust, discoloration and other common exterior paint issues at bay for as long as possible.
  • Repairs. We can repair exterior residential paint problems such as peeling paint, paint bubbles/blisters, dirt and grime build-up, discoloration from wood and timber, as well as removal of chalking residue and mineral salt deposits.

Professional Service, Professional Quality

There are a lot of residential painters out there in Melbourne. What makes Best Painters Melbourne  unique is our true dedication to providing professional services at every level of our business. From the moment you call in or send an email, we strive to provide you with nothing but the very best in customer service. We want you to be satisfied, and we are willing to do what it takes to ensure you are happy with our services – no matter if you’re contacting us for a quote to paint your living room a new color, or if you’re a corporate client looking for commercial painters for repainting every office in your commercial office building.

If you’re ready to experience the most professional commercial and residential painters in the Melbourne area, call or email us today!