Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Our epoxy flooring services are designed for both commercial and residential clients. Epoxy flooring is one of the more popular flooring in the commercial industry, and the development of new epoxy techniques is making it a fast favorite for homes, too. We understand that epoxy flooring can vary in quality depending on the quality of the materials being used, so we only use the very best quality epoxy floor paint.

Our experienced epoxy floor coating installers are professional and efficient. We understand that clients may have different needs depending on their commercial or residential status, and the range of our epoxy floor paint offerings reflects those differing needs.



What We Offer

  • Industrial epoxy flooring: Is made by combining special resin with a hardening chemical. The epoxy is applied in multiple layers over a concrete substrate, resulting in a stable, non-slip surface which is ideal for many different industrial applications. Industrial epoxy flooring is designed to be flat and simple and is generally applied in many layers. This type of flooring comes in a wide range of different colors to suit any industrial client’s needs. 
  • Commercial epoxy flooring: Is installed in a similar manner to industrial epoxy. Commercial epoxy is sometimes applied in thin layers, particularly if it is being used in low-traffic areas. It comes in a variety of different colors and shades.
  • Designer epoxy flooring: Is installed in a similar manner to industrial flooring. The difference is that the epoxy paint used for designer installations differs in color and texture. Designer epoxy flooring combines the stability and durability of industrial epoxy with a designer appearance that is meant to mimic all sorts of natural and beautiful stone finishes. Designer epoxy flooring is especially ideal for kitchens and large open areas where the fine quality of the designer epoxy style can be appreciated.
  • Metallic epoxy flooring: Is relatively new compared to other types of epoxy, but it is applied in the same manner as industrial and designer epoxy floors. Metallic epoxy has a distinct metallic finish and comes in a range of colors, including both solid colors and metallic patterns. It can be used for either industrial, commercial or residential/designer applications.



Professional Service, Professional Quality

There are a lot of epoxy flooring services out there. What makes us unique is our true dedication to providing professional services at every level of our business. From the moment you call in or send an email, we strive to provide you with nothing but the very best in customer service. We want you to be satisfied, and we are willing to do what it takes to ensure you are happy with our services–no matter if you’re contacting us for a quote in painting your living room a new color or you’re a corporate client interested in repainting every office in a commercial office building.