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Are you looking for the very best painters in Melbourne? You’re in luck! Read on to find out why we are the best painting company that serves all clients in the Melbourne area. And don’t forget to call us!

Paint Experts

Interior Painting Experts
We provide top professional painting services within all levels of our business. We don’t finish a job until we know that our client is satisfied with the completed work.

Superior Quality

We use only premium grade paints for all of our projects, and our skilled team of painters expedite their work to the highest standard in a prompt and timely manner.

Professional Service

No job is too large or too small. So whether you’re looking to have your nursery repainted or need a complete exterior repaint on your business, call us now!



We provide services to all types of clients; both residential and commercial. We can paint any room of a home – from an entire kitchen to a small closet and everything in between. We are also fully equipped to tackle commercial projects, including repainting offices, coating work spaces with special materials to ensure workplace safety, and so much more.

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Our Portfolio

Interior Painting Melbourne
Interior Painting Melbourne


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Our Services

Residential Services
Our residential services include full or partial paint projects in any residential home. Kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, attics - whatever area of your home you need painted, we’ll be there! Call now to hire the best residential painters in Melbourne.
Commercial Services
Our commercial services include full or partial paint projects in a commercial building or site. These include aesthetic painting as well as the application of safety-related paints, such as fire-resistant coatings. Call the best commercial painters Melbourne simply trust!
Color Consultations
If you're unsure about what colors will look best in your home or business, we have a personal color consultant based in Melbourne who will help you select the color combination that's perfect for you. We'll help you decide the best match for your space.
Roof Painting Services
Our roof painting services include cleaning, sealing, and repainting your roof and gutters. We use quality materials that will not fade and chip in the hot sun and will keep your roof and gutters fresh for years to come.
Exterior Painting Services
Our exterior painting services are an ideal choice for both home and commercial buildings. Our goal is to help you change and refresh the look of your home or business, using high quality paints that can last long and withstand harsher weather.
Interior Painting Services
Our interior painting services include full and partial interior room and space painting. We also include professional wall preparation as well as furniture and belongings protection to give you peace of mind while we work. To get the best interior painting in Melbourne, call us now!
Lead Paint Removal
Our lead paint removal service includes evaluating your space for lead paint levels and properly removing lead paint to ensure the room and area’s safety. We have plenty of experience in this specialized work and know how to handle all stages of the removal safely.
Need to hire experts for your wallpaper removal or installation? Call us! Using the right tools to carefully install or remove any wallpapers, our highly skilled team guarantees that your walls don't get damaged at all.



It’s true that there are a lot of painters in Melbourne to choose from. If you want to know the real difference between us and them, it’s fairly simple: we take pride in our work! We want to provide each of our valued clients with the best experience possible when they hire us.

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What does it mean to take pride in your work to such a great extent as we do? It means ensuring that everyone who answers our phone or emails or other online enquiries is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about our services. It means that when we schedule consultations for our clients, we make sure our employees show up on time and are well prepared to ensure everything gets covered. It means showing up on schedule once a project has been booked by a client.

We’re Friendly

We’re Creative

We’re Experts

We’re Committed

Why Choose Best Painters Melbourne

Best Painters Melbourne have all the skills and experience necessary for providing residential and commercial clients with the best painting job for your properties. We don’t force our suggestions but instead we listen to your ideas and try to work around your budget. With years of essential painting experience, we are sure to come up with a viable solution for your property that you’ll surely love. We know which painting materials fit well with your budget but most importantly won’t compromise quality. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and we’ll discuss that painting project that you’ve been putting off for some time already.

When you choose us to do the painting job for you, we make sure we do everything we can to make you feel secure and comfortable. This includes protecting your furniture and precious objects from getting damaged by paint or other work materials. This also means consulting with you at every step to make sure you are happy with the process. When you choose us you’ll be getting a wide range of colours, a variety of paint options and a quote that’s absolutely free.

Been ignoring that painting project for your home or business that’s long overdue? Give this daunting task to the best painters in Melbourne. We’re here to give your property a fresh new look that you’ll surely love, whether you have just bought a new home, started a business or want to repaint an existing property. We cater to residential and commercial clients – no job is too small or too big for us to handle.

Been wondering how much you’ll spend for that renovation project of yours? Give us a call! We offer a free quote to help our clients plan their budget well. Don’t worry, no pressure here. We just love to share what we know considering the years of experience we have in the painting industry.

Looking for the Best Painters Melbourne Has to Offer?

We offer exceptional value for money and a consistently excellent level of workmanship and customer service. All our work are guaranteed.

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